Ultima Forma is a UK based company that has developed a novel manufacturing process that can create complex 3D   multi-material components with locally-tailored nano-engineered properties.

We can produce components with shapes and material properties that are not currently possible with conventional manufacturing methods.

Our Value Propositions

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Limitless Geometry and Scale

We control using electrolysis the deposition of material atom by atom. Our process can build nano-sized objects and meter scale structures using a range of noble metals. Our experience in jig design and mandrel production methods allows us to produce parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries that would be impossible to make using alternative processes. Parts are ‘grown’ in tanks in batches so production scale is only limited by tank size. We can also grow thin skins onto support structures. The production economics mean that volumes up to tens of thousands are viable.

Systems Integration

Engineering efficiency comes from ensuring all materials in a product are delivering as many useful functions as possible. Sometimes hybrid structures are necessary to combine the benefits of different materials. We have proprietary methods to incorporate functional design features within our parts, be it fixings, cooling channels, polymers and resins. Our ability to create multi-material functional systems gives our customers the ability to drive weight out and performance up in their products. Examples are skins grown onto donor parts adding new functionality whilst adding minimal mass and cost.

Functionally Graded Material Properties

Our patented process enables us to control the material properties across a part and through the wall thickness. We can vary wall thickness but we can also independently control the modulus and strength which makes our process exciting for a range of high-tech applications. Properties of high strength steel are possible as well as superior stiffness at elevated temperatures. Engineering teams are given the freedom to specify the materials properties they need across a part, be these structural, thermal, electrical or RF, and we will develop the manufacturing process to deliver this.


Whatever the engineering properties are you’re looking for, we can manufacture parts that combine tailored properties across a range of structural, thermal, electrical and RF in order to build efficient multi-functional parts that will save you weight, assembly time, cost, and simplify your supply chain. Our process and expertise in electroforming chemistry allows us to design, engineer and manufacture parts that many firms thought were impossible.

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In our technology we design the material as well as the component. Rather than choosing a metal alloy to manufacture from, we can design a material across a wide range of mechanical properties, spanning most of the useable range of metallic materials. Athermal material designs that retain their properties to 600C are possible.
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The tuneability of our materials can be varied within a single component, both along the length and through the thickness, to produce truly functionally graded components. This capability allows structural elements, thermal management, safety features and fixtures to be combined into multifunctional components – allowing for more compact designs and more efficient assembly.
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By using removable preforms, that are often 3D printed, intricate structures can be produced that are impossible by conventional manufacturing. Thinner wall structures and greater integrity can be achieved than with metal 3D printing. Metal is deposited only where it is needed and components are built from the inside surface to the outside surface. Different functionalities can be incorporated throughout the build. Light-weight hollow structures in a continuous form can be produced with no requirement for joining. This approach unlocks a different design strategy for heat management components by starting with the heat flow pathway and designing a component around it.
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Multi-Material Solutions
Our technology can easily be combined with other materials to form hybrid structures, for example existing metal components, fixtures and fittings, carbon fibre composite structures or light-weight core materials. This capability enables seamless combination of disparate components into a single entity. The metal deposited is dense and continuous, creating haematic barriers and corrosion resistant surfaces with high surface finish and low flaw populations.
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Our technology challenges conventions and helps you reimagine solutions.

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