Ultima Forma

High Precision Parts

We grow metal atom by atom precisely onto a removable or retained surface

A range of preform tooling and jigging methods are used to control geometry

The very low residual stresses created during manufacture ensure stability

Repeatability is guaranteed with our reproducible quality controlled processes

Heat Management Devices

Our parts have excellent thermal conductivity equivalent to copper

We can incorporate lightweight heat exchanger channels

We can join to other materials to extract heat where necessary

Complex geometries can be formed if needed

Our parts can withstand operating temperatures of 600°C

Lightweight Structures

Thin parts can be built as independent structures or as skins to cover a range of metallic and nonmetallic materials

Parts can incorporate fixings and features which are grown into the primary structure to increase the structural efficiency

Parts can be grown to minimise joints, structural weaknesses and simplify assembly processes, all with minimal residual stresses

Material properties and thicknesses can be varied across the part so enabling multi-functionality

Electrical Parts

We can manufacture parts with the electrical conductivity of copper

Parts can be integrated with wider electrical systems

Electrical, thermal and structural optimisation provides opportunity for innovation

Impact Protection and Surface Finishes

We can manufacture at the strength of high strength steel

We lay material down atom by atom to create dense crystalline structures

A range of decorative and engineered finishes are available

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