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Nano scale engineering with tailored properties​
We deposit atom by atom to offer a range of part possibilities using the latest manufacturing processes and coatings.
Advances in medical devices and equipment whether invasive or not are made possible with new materials and manufacturing processes.

For example the miniaturisation of tools, smart connected devices or medical robotics can all benefit from the multi-functionality offered by functionally graded materials.

We can create parts which offer improvements over the current state-of-the-art, for example parts which are lighter and stiffer, with non reactive gold coatings if required.

Whether you are looking to reduce weight, improve heat management, strength or stiffness, we can grow advanced engineered parts to fit into your systems. If you are looking for a range of mechanical or other properties across a part, functionally graded materials may be the answer.

We can build high strength thin (micro scale) parts either self supporting or as skins onto other materials to provide additional functionality. Lightweight cores can be incorporated to provide parts with high specific stiffness, which can have fixings grown into the structure.

For high pressure pipework, our process deposits material at the atomic scale incorporating fittings as full metal to metal bonds, so we can achieve excellent hermetic seals with minimal material.

We can design a range of materials using our process to suit your needs, and incorporate other materials to build hybrid structures. With knowledge of materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering, you’ll be surprised by how we can either improve on your current designs or reimagine solutions based on our manufacturing process.

Contact us to share your challenges so we can assess how we might design and build parts to enable new products or services.

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