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Get more from your components
We drive weight out of aerospace structures and components by manufacturing parts with tailored materials and multi-functionality.

The aerospace sector is undergoing significant change as it decarbonises. More extensive lightweighting and new hybrid powertrains provide opportunities in the medium term to reduce CO2 per passenger mile.

More radical electric powertrains and the emergence of eVTOL’s provides new test beds for aerospace requiring new more advanced technology and innovation to fully exploit their potential, and this is where we can assist.

Ultima Forma’s functionally graded materials and electroformed engineered structures provide an opportunity for system designers to incorporate new lightweight multi-functional parts.

We expect to help push the boundaries of aerospace technology and to transfer lessons we’ve learnt in the space and motorsport sector to drive advances in innovation. Parts that we are interested in developing with clients include:

• hydrogen and gas tank liners
• lightweight pipework
• lightweight structures and spaceframes
• mechanisms and bracketry
• hybrid material structures and structural skins
• RF components, e.g. waveguides and antennas
• thermal systems – deployable heat exchangers
• propulsion system components

Parts are designed and developed in collaboration with clients, either with Ultima Forma designers or by training your designers on how to design for our electroformed structures.

With knowledge of materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering, you’ll be surprised by how we can either improve on your current designs or reimagine solutions based on our manufacturing process.

Contact us to share your challenges so we can assess how we might design and build parts which unlock performance improvements.

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