Ultima Forma

Ultima Forma manufactures light-weight, high-strength, multi-functional metallic engineering components using a novel electrodeposition process. We are working with a number of advanced technology and engineering businesses to develop and manufacture parts to improve product performance. Our business model is to manufacture and supply quality assured parts to industry across a range of industry sectors and applications. The company was originally spun out from Queen Mary, University of London in 2017.

Leadership Team

Steve Newbury - MD

Steve has worked across a spectrum of performance engineering programmes over 30 years, in the automotive and more recently aerospace. He has provided innovation leadership to Williams Advanced Engineering, helping establish the ForesightWilliams investment fund, raising government ATI funding and supporting a number of business initiatives. Steve has previously co-founded start-ups, is a visiting professor in Future Business and Materials at University of Oxford and mentors innovation at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Prof Andy Bushby - CTO

Andy Bushby is Professor of Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London. His expertise is in the micro-mechanical properties of materials. Prof Bushby’s research has led to greater understanding of how to make high strength, light-weight metallic structures.

David Depradine – Head of manufacturing

David has over 40 years’ industry experience, particularly in precious metal electro - deposition. His enormous range of skills and personal energy ensures the quality of work is consistently of the highest possible standard.

Darryl Parsons - CFO

Darryl is a qualified accountant (ACCA) and has been running his own accountancy practice for more than 15 years but has also been involved in running an electroforming company for the past 10 years, supporting the development of new approaches and processes within the business. Darryl quite simply could not pass up the opportunity to be part of the Ultima Forma team, seeking to take the new processes forward commercially.

Ross Morgan – Head of Manufacturing Technology

Ross is a leading expert in the field of electroforming and is committed to an ongoing search for new and varied applications for this fascinating process. He has over 60 years’ experience having begun his working career in his father’s plating company.p

Adam Daykin – IP and licensing

Adam has over 15 years' experience of technology commercialisation. Following a PhD from Liverpool University, he moved to QinetiQ, Weston Medical, and then NHS Innovations London. At Queen Mary Innovation, Adam has established nine spin-out companies and executed in excess of 40 technology licences.

Darren Sheridan – Quality manager

Darren has extensive experience in senior Quality roles, and has worked within companies varying in size from large automotive OEM’s to small technology start-ups. His experience was gained in various sectors including: automotive, consumer products, rail, defence, commercial vehicles, industrial products, off highway and medical devices.

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